The First Post

This is my very first post, so I figured I would answer the big question; Why a Blog?

The answer is pretty simple. This blog came out my increasing use of Twitter and it’s limitation of characters. months have I really started using it. I never saw the point to Twitter, as my many RSS feeds pretty much did the same thing. Then one day, I started to become involved in conversations around education, and I glimpse some of Twitter’s potential as an active means of engaging with my colleagues world wide. As the months passed I soon became an active member of Twitter and it super-succeeded my RSS feeds. I soon found I wanted to say more on topics than I can tweet, so I decided to expanded my ability to record and share my thoughts with the wider world. Thus a blog was born.

I am no expert, but I have been told that know what I am talking about, at least when it comes to using and teaching ICT. My intention is to share my ongoing journey into this field, developing a better understanding of pedagogy and how information technology is interacting, impacting and developing in the classroom.

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