My name is David Grey-Noble and I am a secondary school teacher in Melbourne Australia. ICT is my passion, and I am lucky enough to be a teacher in this field. This site is my blog, essentially a collections of my thoughts, findings and ideas on Information Technology in Education.

I came to teaching not as a first career and have loved every minute of it for the last 5 years. I have 5 teaching methods, mainly due to my convoluted journey into teaching,  which are Information Technology, English, Humanities, Food Technology and Business Management.

This blog came out my increasing use of Twitter and it’s limitation of characters. I often find I have much more to say on topics than I can tweet, so have expanded my ability to record and share my thoughts with the wider world. I am no expert, but I have been told that know what I am talking about, at least when it comes to using and teaching ICT. My intention is to share my ongoing journey into this field, developing a better understanding of pedagogy and how information technology is interacting, impacting and developing in the classroom.